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Charter School: The Importance of Creativity

Part one of a series on creativity in the classroom explores why some charter schools may be on the forefront of education and innovation.  You help your children achieve a lot, and one way that you do that is subtle and powerful at the same time is to encourage creativity, as well as…


Finding the Right Charter School in Mesa

Here you will find a couple tips on how parents can find the perfect charter school for their child in the Mesa area.
Finding a Charter School in Mesa: It's All About Location When you are looking for a charter school in Mesa, remember the old Hollywood adage: location, location,…


Why an Elementary Education is So Important

The beginning of the elementary school article explores the legal requirements of education. Why Do I Need To Send My Kids to Elementary School? Ever hear of compulsory education?  It is part of the laws of the United States, and has been since the middle of the nineteenth century.  By law, unless…


The Importance of a Good Pre-K Curriculum

Pre-K education explores is not just important, but it can make the difference all throughout your children's lives. Pre-K Education:  The Right Start There are no do-overs or practice runs as a parent.  The choices you make will affect your children all the way into adulthood and in turn affect their…


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I just wanted to take a moment to say how much we appreciate Noah Webster School. Our daughter is in Miss Tice's Kindergarten class and talk about one amazing teacher! I never could have expected to have such a warm, energetic and compassionate teacher for our daughter. She puts so much energy and time into each day of learning, and my daughter literally cries if she is sick and cannot go to school. We look forward to our school adventure with Noah Webster. You all are a blessing to our family.

–Rebecca E.

I am very impressed with my daughter's improvement with all her academics and challenges of different schoolwork. I've seen an enormous difference in her and it has inspired her to love school. Thank you!

–Grace M.