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Studies have shown that children who are given a digital advantage—such as in a laptop or tablet enabled classroom—reach junior high school and high school with a firm lead over their peers. At Noah Webster Schools, we believe in a quality education that uses all of the technology and educational trends of the 21st century, paired with tried and true teaching methods to help your child gain the best education possible.

We nurture a partnership between our school and your family regarding the benefits of the technology programs and new technology based learning models. We also invite parents to participate in multiple technology and curriculum trainings and presentations throughout the school year. This commitment to technology helps each student extend learning beyond the classroom and into their home environment. Putting a strong emphasis on not only technology, but on science, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and the fine arts as well, our schools introduce students to a wide range of subject matter, allowing them to find what they excel at and what truly makes them happy!

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Our Noah Webster Schools STEM academy, curriculum design, and technology programs teach students how to apply specific knowledge and skills necessary to their future success in higher education and careers. Our curriculum is aligned with and goes beyond the Arizona State Standards. Through a program called Beyond Textbooks, teachers not only have access to the hardcopy textbooks in their classrooms, but also to other engaging digital lessons, providing our teachers with easy access to the finest lessons available! With a few simple taps of the teacher’s finger, the library of material and lessons they have in their classroom grows considerably, allowing the curriculum and subject matter to be customized throughout the school year.

Classrooms are grouped based on ability, allowing teachers to adjust the learning pace for each group and provide individual attention, therefore boosting the confidence and determination of students as they realize their individual progress. Additionally, Noah Webster Schools adds another component of differential learning by implementing a standard-based technology program. Our curriculum allows the generation of student achievement data that provides teachers and their education design teams with the ability to identify concepts and topics that the individual student has either mastered, or needs additional help with.

Our curriculum is designed using A AnyWhere Learning System, an individual student performance management reporting system which provides feedback to parents, students, and educators throughout the school year. At our Mesa campus, each student, third through sixth grade, has their own laptop assigned to them for use throughout the school year. Kindergarten through second grade students have scheduled laptop computer time during school hours. At our Pima campus, each student, kindergarten through sixth grade, has their own Samsung tablet assigned to them for use throughout the school year.

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I've made so many memories this year and I will always remember them. The best memory I have is just coming to Noah Webster Schools; knowing that I really enjoy going to school and not complaining about it in the morning. We had a lot of field trips and they were all amazing! This is the best school I’ve ever been too! I've learned so much more than at any other school. The students here are all friends; there isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel welcomed. Everyone is nice to each other and treats each other the same. No one is different. The teachers are amazing and I just have to say “Thank You” to my teacher as she’s helped me out a lot and I know she will keep doing so. This year was amazing and I will never forget it!

–Chloe J.

I am very impressed with my daughter's improvement with all her academics and challenges of different schoolwork. I've seen an enormous difference in her and it has inspired her to love school. Thank you!

–Grace M.