4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade at Noah Webster Schools!

We have a spectacular journey ahead of us! In addition to the core subjects of reading, writing, and math, your child will have the opportunity to learn about the State of Arizona and many intriguing topics in our science curriculum. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in fun, yet challenging coursework in his or her classroom.

4th grade students will be more involved than ever when learning about various subjects. From conducting physical experiments to solving problems through constructive group work, your child will experience it all!

Our goal of preparing students for a smooth transition year-to-year is upheld by our STEM curriculum of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is through these subjects and additional topics that your child will become prepared for the next grade level as summer break ends and the next school year begins!

Each school year, 4th graders encounter exciting endeavors outside of the classroom by attending scheduled field trips. Field trips are a time for our students to recognize the connection between the curriculum, subjects and topics learned in the classroom and the real word. While field trips have varied over the past few years, 4th grade field trips have previously included taking students to the Pueblo Grande Museum, Arizona State University, Gold mining and experiencing reptiles with Reptile Rich.

4th Grade Curriculum

In 4th grade math, your child will start learning more complex ways to solve math equations. They will develop a comprehensive understanding when using the four math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. During instructional time with the teacher, students will add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers 0-20 and solve equations with missing numbers by multiplying and dividing. Students will also learn how to multiply two numbers by one number and divide one number into two numbers with a remainder.

These daily math skills will be taught through direct instruction as well as through group work for 20 minutes a day. Teachers score students’ daily assessments and record their scores in their planners giving both the parent and student an easy way to view their child’s progress.

Our 4th grade language arts curriculum teaches students a range of skills through all aspects of the English literature. Language arts involves the development of comprehensive skills covering reading, writing, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Your child will study and develop the fundamentals of language arts by learning the strategies needed to comprehend literary and expository text, formulate paragraphs by focusing on a specific reason for writing and increase their level of fluency and expression.


Teachers will use different works of literature to enhance your child’s reading ability and meet the required 4th grade reading standards. Utilizing McGraw-Hill reading, your child will begin learning all the elements that make up literary and expository text. Based on the stories students read, they will make predictions, draw conclusions, identify the main idea, make inferences, and form generalizations. Our 4th grade students will also learn different methods of summarizing a story, such as conducting judgments and decisions, determining the cause and effect, and comparing and contrasting different parts of the story. Your child will participate in class activities and a weekly story reading to help enhance their comprehension skills in both reading quietly to themselves and aloud to others.


Our 4th graders will expand upon their previous learned knowledge of the basics of writing into the various styles of writing. They are taught the foundation of descriptive and detailed five paragraph writing to prepare them for creating their own forms of literature. Your child will utilize flee maps and color coding activities to help organize parts of the writing process. Once the students learn the basics of forming a proper paragraph and all the components that guarantee fluency, they will learn a variety of writing genres, including:

  • Narrative
  • Letter writing
  • Research
  • Poetry
  • Functional
  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Literary response
  • Grammar

Our students refine and expand upon their knowledge of writing sentences using nouns, verbs, adjectives and proper capitalization. They will also learn and understand more complex sentence formation using prepositions, interjections, conjunctions, adverbs, pronouns and proper punctuation. By teaching your child the rules of grammar and its correct usage, they will understand the importance of sentence structure, both written and spoken.

Vocabulary and Spelling

Students learning 4th grade language arts will focus on vocabulary and spelling. Along with utilizing our Your child will learn to spell 20 spelling words per week using words from Zaner-Bloser. Students will be asked to spell and create two dictation sentences for each academic spelling word. Teachers will also have your child participate in Wordly Wise 3000, requiring them to define and spell 15 words every other week. Each activity, along with other forms of classwork will increase their vocabulary and prepare them for more advanced terms in the following year.

As a 4th grader at Noah Webster Schools, your child will learn about the development that shaped Arizona’s history. Learning about Arizona’s history includes its statehood, territory and its agricultural industry. Students will also be asked to complete two Arizona history projects throughout the year.

Our students will begin to explore the world by learning how to recognize different features on a map. They will continue sharpening their map skills by being able to identify large land features, such as islands, mountain ranges, plateaus and more. In addition to Arizona’s history, your child will learn:

  • Our government and the constitution
  • The Ancient Puebloan People and the Desert People
  • Spanish explorers and missionaries
  • Mountain men, lawmen, and outlaws

The 4th grade science curriculum combines a series of lessons and worksheets, along with direct instruction for multiple topics. The topics will cover:

  • General understanding of electricity
  • Weather and climate
  • Environmental changes
  • Magnets
  • Technology
  • Adaptions

Your child will learn how to formulate conclusions based on trends, make predictions from a project’s results, and create new questions and predictions using science experiments and fun activities.

During your child’s 4th grade year, they are asked to participate in an individual science fair for an opportunity to incorporate what they have learned throughout the year into a specific project that may then be displayed at the school.

Our teachers use advance-based technology in order to teach our students in the most innovative way possible. As one of the four subjects in our STEM curriculum, technology is extremely important to parents, students and teachers at Noah Webster Schools. We also use an interactive program called A which allows our students to stay involved by being able to access the program from school and from home.

Our advanced technology allows our teachers to be more engaged with their students on a higher level than most other schools. By encouraging students to become proactive in the classroom, we are increasing their learning capacity in which they process new material faster and easier. Each of our Mesa students is assigned an individual laptop at school, while Pima students are assigned a Samsung Galaxy tablet, so your child will be working with the most modern technology today to complete their assignments. The Fuse document camera brings the entire class together for a better learning experience by having a new way to share work with the class and explain assignments or topics with ease.

Physical Education

All students participate in physical education classes at least once a week. Classes focus on competency of motor skills and performance of physical activities in order to achieve and maintain health-enhancing levels of fitness. Positive social interaction is embedded into instruction while promoting the value of physical activity.


All students participate in music classes at least once a week. Students create meaning and expression through the use of listening, performing and improvisational skills. Students are introduced to the elements and theory of music and musical instruments.


Noah Webster offers an online cataloging system. Destiny Quest allows students to browse Noah Webster Schools Library’s entire collection and place a hold on their final selection. The book will then be delivered to the student’s classroom within 3-4 business days. Reference materials are also available.


Noah Webster Schools has implemented Art Masterpiece to introduce artists and styles from diverse cultures and time periods. Students are taught to use classic and modern techniques in order to create artwork to communicate ideas, meanings, and/or purposes.

4th Grade Supply List

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Fourth Grade! Remember to label all of your student's belongings (jacket, water bottle, backpack, and lunch box) with first and last name. This will help locate them should personal items become lost.

All community items that you are able to purchase at this time may be dropped off at Open House or sent in with your student during the first week of school. If you are unable to fulfill the entire list, please feel free to send classroom supplies throughout the year.

2019-2020 SUPPLY LIST: The lists are divided by campus below.


Personal Supplies (Please label with your student's name):

  • 2 plastic pocket folders with prongs
  • 2 highlighters
  • 1 box of crayons or 1 pack of colored pencils
  • 1 three-ring zipper pouch for binder
  • 1 pack of binder dividers
  • 1 set of headphones/earbuds for individual computer use (Mandatory)

Community Classroom Supplies (All items listed below will be community property donations and will be used by all students):

  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pink pearl eraser
  • 1 package of glue sticks
  • 2 packages of WIDE ruled paper
  • 1 package of Kleenex tissue
  • 1 package of paper towels
  • Girls Only:
    • 1 package of construction paper
  • Boys Only:
    • 1 package of colored cardstock paper

There is a classroom supply fee that covers required in-class materials, such as monthly Social Studies and Science magazines:

  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: $10.00
  • 3rd - 6th Grade: $14.00
  • Payment to be made in the classroom by cash or check only.



Personal Supplies (Please label with your student's name):

  • 2 plastic pocket folders
  • 4 highlighters
  • 1 box of crayons or 1 pack of colored pencils
  • 3 composition notebooks
  • 1 set of headphones/earbuds for individual tablet use (Mandatory)

Community Classroom Supplies (All items listed below will be community property donations and will be used by all students):

  • 3 packages of #2 pencils
  • 2 packages of pencil top erasers
  • 1 package of multi-colored pens
  • 1 package of grading pens (red or blue)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 package of dry erase markers
  • 3 packages of glue sticks
  • 2 packages of WIDE ruled paper
  • 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • 2 reams of white printer paper

There is a classroom supply fee that covers required in-class materials, such as monthly Social Studies and Science magazines:

  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: $10.00
  • 3rd - 6th Grade: $14.00
  • Payments to be made in the classroom by cash or check only


If the classroom teacher requests addition supplies, a list will be provided.


4th Grade Teaching Team

Noah Webster Schools

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I've made so many memories this year and I will always remember them. The best memory I have is just coming to Noah Webster Schools; knowing that I really enjoy going to school and not complaining about it in the morning. We had a lot of field trips and they were all amazing! This is the best school I’ve ever been too! I've learned so much more than at any other school. The students here are all friends; there isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel welcomed. Everyone is nice to each other and treats each other the same. No one is different. The teachers are amazing and I just have to say “Thank You” to my teacher as she’s helped me out a lot and I know she will keep doing so. This year was amazing and I will never forget it!

–Chloe J.

Our daughter absolutely loves that she gets to use a laptop in class. We're amazed at how quickly she is learning.

–Shelly C.