September is Attendance Awareness Month

The #1 School Success Factor is ATTENDANCE

Regular attendance is crucial for success in elementary school.

Absences Add Up
Even if your child misses just a few days here and there, his/her grades are likely to suffer.  According to research, missing two days a month negatively impacts a student’s academic performance.

Elementary Attendance Affects Reading
Frequent absences in elementary school have been shown to significantly affect a student’s reading skills.

Elementary Attendance Problems can Negatively Impact a Student’s Future
Research shows that by sixth grade, attendance problems become a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.

Attendance Affects Social Growth
Elementary students are still learning social and emotional skills that will help them throughout their lives.  At school, they learn to interact with others, make friends and build relationships with adults outside their family.

Help your child succeed in school.  Make sure your child is in school every day!

If your child is missing school too often, these tips might help:

Develop Routines
Get everything your child needs for school ready the night before.  Set out (or have your child set out) clothes, shoes, socks, coat and backpack.

Get Support:
If you have difficulty getting your child to and from school, or if your child doesn’t seem to want to go to school for any reason, talk to your child’s teacher, school counselor, or an administrator.  Work together to resolve whatever issue is having a negative impact on your child’s attendance.

Be Informed
Know bus pick up times, parent drop off times and school bell times.  Determine what time your child need to be “out the door” to get to school on time.