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Welcome To Noah Webster

Noah Webster School is a public, non-profit, charter school located in Mesa, Arizona. Our school caters to Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade students with a digital, hands-on and challenging curriculum that is aligned with and goes beyond Arizona’s State Standards and the technology based STEM Academy. With Noah Webster’s competitive edge, students are placed into classes by level of ability to allow each individual student to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. By integrating differentiated learning, students work ahead of the traditional grade level as they prepare for future college and careers. Contact us to arrange a tour.

Technology Based Curriculum

Noah Webster’s ability grouped classrooms increase the learning pace for each group, allows teachers to provide individual attention, and boosts the confidence and determination of the students as they realize their individual progress. Additionally, Noah Webster adds another component of differential learning by implementing a standard based technology program.  The curriculum allows the generation of student achievement data that provides teachers and their education design teams the ability to identify concepts and topics that the individual student has mastered or needs additional reteaching.

Noah Webster has implemented a structured STEM Academy that incorporates a state of the art technology program which provides a laptop for each student for use at their desk.  Each teacher has been provided with technology tools such as interactive smart boards equipped with projectors. Teachers can illustrate what they are teaching, thereby engaging the student’s attention at a greater level.

Noah Webster nurtures a partnership between the school and families regarding the benefits of the technology programs and new technology based learning models. Noah Webster invites parents to participate in multiple technology and curriculum trainings and presentations. This commitment to technology helps each student extend learning beyond the classroom to the home environment.   

The Noah Webster STEM Academy, curriculum design and technology programs teach students how to apply specific knowledge and skills necessary for their future success in higher education and careers.

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